"Carlos Vives Ignites Barranquilla Carnival 2024 with Debut Single 'Eso es Mondar,' Celebrating Caribbean Linguistic Heritage"

Carlos Vives launches "Eso es Mondar," a vibrant tribute to the Colombian Caribbean's linguistic culture, for 2024's Barranquilla Carnival. The track, infused with lively rhythms, is a collaborative effort, set to feature at the Carnival's Coronation event on February 9, where Vives will perform at the Romelio Martínez Stadium.


RSTour Staff

1/29/20241 min read

Carlos Vives, a renowned Colombian musician, has unveiled his latest single for 2024 titled "Eso es Mondar." This release delves into the origins of "Mondá," a widespread expression in the Caribbean, showcasing the uniqueness and cultural richness of the local dialects of the Colombian Caribbean Coast. Vives, in collaboration with Andrés Leal and Martín Velilla, crafted this song as an ode to the region's linguistic heritage, specifically for the vibrant Barranquilla Carnival, featuring collaborations with DJ Marimonda and El Elvis Cienaguero.

The single is characterized by its lively rhythm, creating an exuberant ambiance perfect for the festivities of the Barranquilla Carnival 2024. Its catchy chorus is designed to resonate with the carnival-goers, uniting them in song. A highlight of the carnival will be Carlos Vives' performance on February 9 at the Romelio Martínez Stadium in La Arenosa, marking a memorable moment - The Coronation of the Kings of Carnival - set to start at 8:00 pm.

“This song talks about a particular word that is found in the dictionary of the Royal Academy of the Spanish Language, and it is our duty as the Collective of COA Lawyers of the Caribañola, Collective of Lawyers Defenders of the Caribbean Spanish Language, not only as professionals of jurisprudence, but also from a human and philosophical point of view, to restore his honor… We believe in a superlative way that the honor of the word ‘Mondar’ has been tarnished, and in the name of our Hispanic American pride in attachment to the language of Pelayo and in defense of the good name, we are here to do justice.”Carlos Vives