Apple Music Boosts Spatial Audio with Higher Royalties for Artists

Apple Music is ramping up its Spatial Audio offerings by incentivizing artists with up to 10% higher royalties for tracks published in this format. Introduced in 2021, Spatial Audio, also known as Dolby Atmos music, has seen a surge in popularity. Apple aims to encourage more artists to adopt Spatial Audio by offering increased royalties, regardless of user listening patterns. This move follows a significant rise in Spatial Audio usage, with a 5,000% increase in available tracks since its launch, including a doubling in 2023. Apple's strategy is not just to enhance its music library quality but also to acknowledge the extra effort artists put into producing these high-definition tracks.


RSTour Staff

1/22/20241 min read

Apple Music is actively working to enhance its Spatial Audio music collection by offering artists an incentive to participate. Artists who release songs in Spatial Audio format can earn up to 10% additional royalties. Spatial Audio music, also known as Dolby Atmos music, was introduced on Apple Music in 2021 and has gained popularity since its inception. Apple's objective is to encourage more artists to embrace this format.

A communication, possibly an email, from Apple to its music artists, which was reportedly seen by 9to5Mac, reveals Apple's strategy to motivate artists to publish their music in Spatial Audio. Artists who have their tracks in this format are entitled to potentially receive up to 10% more in royalties.

This additional payout is not based on the listening habits of Apple Music users. Rather, it depends on the ratio of an artist's Spatial Audio songs to their non-Spatial Audio tracks. For instance, artists who provide their entire music catalog in Spatial Audio can qualify for the maximum 10% bonus.

Apple disclosed that 90% of its users have experienced listening to at least one track in Spatial Audio, with the number of plays in this format having tripled since its debut in 2021. Furthermore, the library of Spatial Audio tracks has seen a remarkable growth of nearly 5,000%, with a doubling of tracks in 2023 alone.

The tech giant views this increased royalty as both an incentive for artists and a form of recognition. Apple aims to augment the quality of music on its platform while acknowledging the additional effort required to produce Dolby Atmos tracks.

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